James Priestley – LWE Podcast 159




01. Typesun, “Heart Maths” (Peverelist Remix) [Root Elevation]
02. Julian Neumann, “Unbearable” [Kann Records]
03. Lady E, “Seems To Me” [Thug Records]
04. Orpheus, “Waiting For Your Call” [Sequencias]
05. Steven Tang, “Verged” [Aesthetic Audio]
06. Mr. G, “Conscious Mindfood” [Phoenix G]
07. A Guy Called Gerald, “Groove Of The Ghetto” [Bosconi Records]
08. E.R.P., “Lunar Ruins” [Harbour City Sorrow]
09. BLM, “Sudden Death” [Secretsundaze]
10. Amir Alexander, “Don’t Go” [Secretsundaze*]
11. Ron Jason, “Cosmic Paradise” (Larry Heard Underground Remix)
[Thug Records]
12. Soul Capsule, “Lady Science” (NYC Sunrise) [Trelik]



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