Month: September 2013

Sascha Dive – Strictly Vinyl Podcast 009



Sascha Dive: “Mark Ernestus & Moritz von Oswald created the blueprint for the genre that is known as Dub Techno. This genre has been a great inspiration for many artists including myself. My Strictly Vinyl Podcast exhibits new as well as old releases within dub techno and has been compiled and mixed with deep respect for the music and the fervidness of the respective artists. There will not be any tracklist: search yourselves for these great tracks and I hope you will feel the same pleasure as me when digging records. Enjoy the music and let yourself float on the journey that I have prepared for you. Vinyl is passion! The warm sound and the unique feeling is something I will never want to miss when djing. Long Live Vinyl!”


Broken Situation


Tracklist :

Aybee – Uni Sun
Jenifa Mayanja – Cloud Cover
Lawrence – In Patagonia
Luka – Blue
Sascha Dive – Tribute To The Night
Mr. G – Song For My Cantor
Panash’ – Cheval (Przewalski’s Eastern Bounce)
Lawrence – Lucifer
Kirk Degiorgio – Morro Da Fromiga
Anton Zap – Miles & More
Sisterhood – Tannhauser (JuJu & Jordash Remix)


Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions (Inc. a guest mix from Andy Green) 29-09-13





Tracklist :

Sven Weisemann – Inner Sunset
HVL – Timesea
Bnjmn – CRVD
Sven Weisemann – D-Psalm
Echo 106 – Flute
Omar S – I Love You Alex
Linkwood Family – Miles Away (Intrusion Sunset Dub)
Arnaud Le Texier & Antonio De Angelis – Minotaur (Antigone Remix)
Samuel L. Session – Rhodes Island
Efdemin – Float
Andy Green – Love Crazy (Dream Drums Guest Mix)

Steve O’Sullivan -This Is Not Science [Ferocious Quintet Alternate Mix] (Sushitech)
Lesca – Wrong (Beats Delivery)
Reel By Real – Sun Dog (A.R.T.less)
The Abtract Eye – Nobody Else Pt. 2 (Valentine Connexion)
Karizma – I Think (Roundabout Sounds)
Hakim Murphy – infinite Sensations [S2 Grind Mix] (Stolen Kisses)
Kai Alce – Sa K’Pase (Track Mode)
Norm Talley – Cosmic Wave (Chisel)
Theo Parrish – Kites on Pluto (Sound Signature)
Damon Lamar  – Large Crowd (Tetrode Music)
System 7 – Alpha Wave [That Sound Mix] (Butterfly Music)
Steve Tang – Sun Spot
Leonid – Fallout (Dolly)
Soul 223 – Heartstrings (Delsin)


Aaron Andrew – Sensor Podcast #92



Tracklist ;

Auji – Conclusion Came To Uou
Marco Nega – Voodoo
LAAK – Chromatic Flare
Unknown Artist – Track 2
Slowburn – Oriental Express
Dj Rasoul – Beat Interlude
LHAS – One The QT
Aqua Bassino – Time To Go
Malcolm Moore – Interstate 80
Birke TM – The White Tree
Rai Scott – Beyond Earth’s Atmosphere
Pjotr – Untitled
Unknown Artist – Track 4
Saine – Buccaneer’s Den


For This Week Only



Dop – Propagande Américaine
Mano Le Tough – Everything You’ve Done Before (Dixon Remix)
Michael Mayer – Voigt Kampff Test (Barnt Remix)
Redshape – The Source
Uner & Piek – LFO
Tolga Fidan – Lonely A.M.
Robert Dietz – Common
Matthias Tanzmann – Private Traps
Jerome Sydenham – Whitewater (In Trackmode)
Najem Sworb – Renow
Jens Bond & Jacob Phono – Lick Your Brains
Nikola Gala & GummiHz – White Flowers (Jimpster Remix)
Mano Le Tough – Stories
Onur Ozer – Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
Ricardo Villalobos – Baby
Agoria & Francesco Tristano – Kick the Peace (Part 2)
youAND:THEMACHINES Feat Keter Darker – The Veil
Oniris & Pat Brooks – The Rebirth (Edit)