Youandewan – LWE Podcast 176



Tracklist :

01. Youandewan, “1988″ (Intro Edit) [Lo:Rise]
02. Youandewan, “Main Sauce” [*]
03. The Mole, “Lockdown Party” (Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) (Edit) [Perlon]
04. Alan Hurst, “Nzambi” (Terekke Remix) (Edit) [Emotional Response]
05. Youandewan, “Whateveris” [*]
06. Leaves & Iron Curtis, “Simple” (Youandewan Version) [*]
07. Youandewan, “Talk About” (Edit) [*]
08. Tevo Howard ft. Rick Howard, “House Room” (Paul du Lac Acid Dub) (Edit) [Bio Rhythm]
09. Baaz, “Chummy” (Edit) [Slices of Life]
10. Rick Poppa Howard, “I Won’t Lay Back” (Edit)
[Hour House is Your Rush Records]
11. Jared Wilson, “A Little Moonlight Dancing” (Introsampled) [Skudge Presents]
12. Fetishes, “1996″
13. Flori, “Dusty Socks” (Lowtec Remix) (Edit) [Aim*]
14. Santiago Salazar, “Smile Now, Cry Later” (Edit) [Seventh Sign Recordings]
15. Youandewan, “Furthurrr” [*]
16. Jovonn & DJ Deep, “Spring” [Distance]
17. Alex M, “It Works” (Bump Edit) [Final Cut]
18. Jump Cutz, “Deep Introspection” [Luxury Service]
19. Ksoul & Muteoscillator, “Funkn Our Ass” (Edit) [Kinda Soul Recordings]
20. Flori, “SU 3150″ (Berg Reduktion) (707 Edit) [Aim*]
21. Lo Shea, “Alice (Edit)” [Seaghdha]
22. BLM, “Yeah This Is Me” (Snip) [Tsuba Records]
23. The White Man & The Arab, “WMA 4 (Tool)” [*]
24. Santiago Salazar, “Gaffs Theme” [Finale Sessions]


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