Life Recorder – Life Notes, Viasound Radio (May 2013)



1/Love is (Feat Malena Perez – Aybee remix) By Black Jazz Consortium
2/ Hush (Slow version) By Baaz
3/Polarity Shift By Dakini9
4/Slare Flare By Laak
5/ Redux By Stojche
6/Seppuku By PUlse Code Modulation
7/Transit By Vester Koza
8/ Parameters By Gherkin Jerks
9/ Whativa By Frozen Border
10/Geometric Reduction By Johannes Volk
11/ Changes Of Life (Reprise Mix) By Jeff Mills
12/ Gliese 436 By Kirk Degiorgio
13/ Karma By Lamar aka Keith Worthy
14/ Omnious By Conforce
15/ I don’t Understand By Schwanbeck


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