RADIO : Dream Drums, Deepvibes Radio (8 Years @ Deepvibes Special Edition) 05-08-20


Low Flung – Orroraltone
Wa Wu We – Clarity Is Born As We Dissolve
Low Flung – Downtone
Audio Werner – Ohne
Claudio PRC – Clear Depths (Reshape)
Eduardo De La Calle – Orange
Ike Release – Full Restore
Juju & Jordash – Back Tuck Basket Toss
Pseudopolis – At Last
Regelbau – My Boys Walk
Chaos In the CBD – Emotional Intelligence (Instrumental)
East Of Eden – Revolutionary Words (Unreleased Paradise Mix)
Boo Williams – Night Heat
Delroy Edwards – Nitemare House
Basic Soul Unit – In Orbit
Osunlade – Auto Machine
Anton Zap – Fidget
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – Velvet Vortex (Steel D Flanger Mix)
Galcher Lustwerk – 216 (KZR Jefferson Ave Cruise Dub)
Patrice Scott – Come Inside
Seb Wildblood – Hazy House Vol.1
grant – Take a Chance
Classic Man – Mellow (Ambient Mix)
Gemini – Fizz
Jepthe Guillaume – Knape (Billys Organ Mix)
Joe Claussell – Spiritual Insurrection (Afro Joe Mix)
Glenn Underground – SpacedOut
Ron Trent – We’re Gonna Rock (Album Edit)
Roger S – Vibe
The Stickmen – The Drug
Code 718 – Equinox
Larry Heard – And So I Dance

Dream Drums, Deepvibes Radio – Inc. a guest mix from Shimmering Moods Records 01-12-13






Kamikaze Space Programme – Things To Come
Vakula – Smiling Moon Dog
RVDS – Monday Rain
Amir Alexander – Universe
Monty Luke – Yesterday Today
Rick Wilhite – Kinky
Omar S – Gunup Runup
A Guy Called Gerald – Groove Of The Ghetto
Osunlade – Dionne
HVL – Junction To Everywhere
Alex Danilov – 9:16 AM
Shimmering Moods Records  – Dream Drums Guest Mix


Dream Drums, Deepvibes Radio – Inc. a guest mix from Dominic Smith 24-11-13




cv313 – Infinit-1 (Remodeled + Remastered)
Hakim Murphy – Infinite Sensations (S2 Grind Remix)
Najem Sworb – Some
Kamikaze Space Programme – Shatter
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Approaching
Moomin – Love And…
Axel Boman – New Krau Era
Dominic Smith – Retrospect
Amir Alexander – Innovation
Eshu – Hookshot
Ilario Alicante – M10
Dominic Smith – Dream Drums Guest Mix 24-11-13


Dream Drums, Deepvibes Radio – Inc. a guest mix from Jayson Wynters 17-11-13




Andy Vaz – Deutz Motorcity
Miles Sagnia – Gravitate
Kai Alce & Omar S – Jive Time
Patrik Skoog – Stereo Waves
Flori – SU 3150 (Berg Reduktion)
Black Jazz Consortium – Tokyo Electric
Larry Heard – Tell Me What It Is
Phlash & Friends – Exaltation
Vincent Kwok – Afrique
Patrick Turner – Rook
Glenn Underground – Nology Year 6Thousand (Drums)
Jayson Wynters – Dream Drums Guest Mix


City Fly Takeover – Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions 03/11/13 Feat. Kez YM, Jonna & J’Shez

The ‘Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions’ on Deepvibes Radio was taken over by City Fly today with mixes by City Fly residents Jonna and J’Shez for the first 90 minutes and then a mix by Kez YM fr the final 30 minutes of the show, fresh from his appearance at the City Fly 9th Birthday from the Sopheck Sessions in Leicester the night before



Since its inception over 8 years ago, Leicester-based club night City Fly has concocted an alchemy of sounds that have drenched the city in the deeper, soulful and techier shades of house ‘ simultaneously revitalising the city’s nightscape and gaining a reputation as being one of the finest underground house nights in The Midlands. Not content in hosting some of the finest purveyors of house including Motor City Drum Ensemble, Space Dimension Controller, Red Rack’em, Boe Recordings’ Ben Parkinson and Secretsundaze’s Giles Smith, City Fly has metamorphosed into an all-encompassing club brand, incorporating both national and international residencies and a bi-weekly radio show ‘ City Fly Radio on Now expanding their vision further, City Fly HQ promises to be a nexus of activity over the coming months with the birth of their new label, City Fly Records. Wanting to showcase the sounds synonymous with their ethos, City Fly have fully represented the house spectrum with their debut ‘Visions EP’ release ‘ featuring not one but four artists to give a varying flavour to the house palette..

To book City Fly DJ’s / Label Parties please contact – James


Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions, Deepvibes Radio Promo Mix (Winter 2013 Edition)



The ‘Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions’ is a weekly mixshow hosted by Graham Pitt on It is broadcast each and every Sunday at 15.00 (GMT) for two hours and features guest mixes on many of those weeks. Deepvibes Radio is in it’s 5th year and is run by Shaun Crist and Alex Pace.

Guest DJ’s that have featured so far include Japan’s Mituo Shiomi and Takeshi Kouzuki. Ian Pelo. Kat La Kat, P.Bit and Pash Miller from South Africa. Ireland’s Rob Heenan. Alan Livie and Joc (A Deeper Groove) from Scotland. Rocco Castglione, Filippo Palermo and Mario Worgall from Germany. D-Former (Lo-Deep Recordings) and Jimini from France. Ralou Babiss from Romania who is a reglular guest on the show. DJ Biopic, Andy Green (Verdant Recordings) and DJ Alex (Voices Agency) from London. Italy’s Nasty Boy and Mamma’s Hand Fellow Brummies Jayson Wynters and Wolf Hackmine. Dan Bolton from Bury St Edmonds and JP from Latvia.

There are many more guest mixes in the pipeline that I am very excited about. The guest mixes can be found here to stream and often download: –

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If you would like to be on the show by submitting a guest mix or would like to send me tracks which could possibly be included on the blog as a track of the day then please contact me via the following e-mail address: –

On the ‘Dream Drums – Sunday Sessions’ Mixshow you will be likely to hear deep house, soulful house, funk, soul, techno, downtempo, jazz, afro, latin, disco and whatever else takes my and the guest DJ’s fancy on that given day. Be sure to tune in each and every Sunday at 3pm (UK Time) only on : –

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Freche Fruchte Recordings Mixshow, Deepvibes Radio 30-10-13



Frankie Soukal – We Got This (Rob Clarke Apache Mix)
Mr. G – Dance Floor (Original Mix)
Terje Bakke – Jadore
Sven Tasnadi – Raver Jack
Developer – Run for the Dark
Jared Wilson – Hastings ’95
Manjit – In Detroit (Studio 35 Mix)
BiteOfire – Risonanza
Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Disco
Lil Louis – Feels Good Just To Feel (Patrice)
Pierre Santino – River
Sarp Yilmaz – Stronger On My Own
Bukusoul – The Deepness