Domenic Cappello

Domenic Cappello – A Midnight Drive Through Yoker



A warm up set at Subculture never strikes up a mass invasion of the dancefloor but equally it never scares people off! Weekly resident Domenic Cappello is of course expert at turning out lower-energy, slow-tempo tracks which engender that familiar start of the night feeling we have become accustomed to over the last two decades.

Every week from 11pm as folks drift into the club, the air of excitement starts to build as Dom (or indeed Harri on alternate weeks) gets those heads bobbing, those feet tapping and the revelry vibe underway. As the tempo slowly rises along with the volume, and the beats become slightly more incessant, you can’t fail to feel the atmosphere in the room build, ultimately willing you to join the action on the dance floor. For some this warmup is the best moment of the week – the feeling that you are in for a night to remember is inescapable!

Fresh from his sun and fun filled SMS festival appearance in Croatia, Dom put this warm up mix together before getting ready to let loose on the best sound system in the land along with Harri at Subculture this Saturday.