Smallpeople – Smallville Radio Show, Carhartt Radio


Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld are Smallpeople – a dj and producing duo from Hamburg, Germany that do more than just DJ and produce. They also run the record store Smallville in their hometown and take care of a record company of the same name, releasing house music full of references to the genres rich history. For Carhartt Radio they have put together a show featuring tracks by artists such as Move D, Lowtec, STL, Lawrence, Moomin, and Steve Tang. A thrilling mix that represents the labels trademark ageless house that admires subtle, evolving melodies.

Tracklist :

Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Mothercorn
Quince & Benny Rodrigues – 7 Up
Lowtec – Meandyou.Dub
Smallpeople – Black Ice
Smallpeople & Rau – Life Aquatic
STL – Silent State
Christopher Rau – Capri
Juniper – Quiet Moon
Moomin – Sleep Tight
Lawrence – Tangled Track
Julius Steinhoff – All Of A Sudden
Steven Tang – Potential Light
Arnaldo – A Song Name Of One Word