Sven Weisemann

Sven Weisemann – LWE Podcast 180



01. Antigone, “Menace Of The Species” [Concrete Music]
02. Psyk, “Lowdown” [Nwhite]
03. Curve, “Falling Free” (The Aphex Twin Remix) [Anxious Records]
04. Stephen Brown, “Valente 2″ [Realtime]
05. Outboxx, “Thrashing Groovester” (Edit) [Idle Hands]
06. Phil Asher, “Raining Sound” [Archive]
07. Mr. G, “Sunday Blues” (Kasper Remix) [Bass Culture Records]
08. Borrowed Identity, “Painted Clouds XIII” [Mistress Recordings]
09. Traktor, “Traktor Mood” [DIN]
10. Dario Zenker, “Hype” [Vakant]
11. Fumiya Tanaka, “Bossa” [Torema Records]
12. Strand, “Bloated” (Juggernaut Mix) [Frictional Recordings]
13. DJ P.Funk, “Can’t Boogie” [Strength Music Recordings]
14. Substance, “Relish” [Chain Reaction]
15. DJ Qu & David S., “Nite Ride” [Strength Music Recordings]
16. Âme, “Kuma” (Edit) [Sonar Kollektiv]
17. Substance & Vainqueur, “Surface” [Scion Versions]
18. The Vision, “Detroit: One Circle” [Metroplex]
19. Sascha Rydell, “Rude” [Fachwerk]
20. Scan 7, “You Have The Right” (Accapella Mix) [Elypsia]
21. Basic Soul Unit, “For Some” [New Kanada]
22. Fumiya Tanaka, “In The Darkness” [Torema Records]
23. Lucretio, “Where Are You” [Restoration Records]
24. Fumiya Tanaka, “Pitch Black” [Torema Records]
25. Morganistic, “Leaf” [Input Neuron Musique]
26. Gingy & Bordello, “Iron & Water” [Turbo]
27. Andrea, “Hera” [Ilian Tape]