Yasuo Sato

Yasuo Sato – Live on Fine Funk (2011)

Mix of Yasuo’s own productions: –














01 Love Triangle (unreleased)
02 Game Society (unreleased)
03 Clover Lover (unreleased)
04 Steam Boogie (unreleased)
05 Floating on Percussion (unreleased)
06 Night in Brazil (unreleased)
07 Life is Beautiful (unreleased)
08 No Regret Life (unreleased)
09 Cosmic Swing (unreleased)
10 Point du Jour (love) (unreleased)
11 the Frog in the Rain (unreleased)
12 Mirage in the Night Sky (coming soon from Aesthetic Audio)
13 Flying to Your Dream (Logos Rec.)
14 the Life is Like a Disco (coming soon from Deep Movements)